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Rooftop solar is booming, but not everyone can join in

In Australia, our homes have a higher solar penetration than any other country

But our apartment residents have been missing out due to technical limitations and affordability.

Surely there's something we can do.

My electricity bill keeps rising!

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Combining over 40 years of community-living expertise and industry leading Australian technology to bring the solar revolution to strata communities. Let's share the sun.

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Affordable Solar Access

Solar-as-a-Service agreement means no upfront costs

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Reduce individual and common area electricity bills by up to 40%

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Reduce Carbon Footprint

Solar power is a simple and effective way to reduce carbon emissions

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Residents retain the right to choose their energy retailer

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Fair Share of Solar

Everyone receives their fair share of solar, delivered when it's going to save the most money

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Simple Administration

Set and forget maintenance, and Owners Corporation manages billings

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Government Incentives

Generous government incentives available

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Asset Value

Increase in property value and tax benefits

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Finally my electricity

costs are going down and my carbon footprint is reduced.


Owner Occupier

My apartment is more valuable and my tenant is happy


Owner Inverstor

I love living in a smart building and reducing my electricity costs.



Solar is now simple. Let's share the sun.


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Solar panels are installed on your roof for no upfront cost and will immediately generate clean electricity for your building.

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Monitoring and maintenance work is performed by SunShare solar experts to ensure optimal performance of your building's system through its life.

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Solar electricity is distributed to each apartment and the common areas using world-first Australian technology. There is no need to switch electricity retailers.

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You enjoy clean energy and save over 20% off your total energy expenses, reducing your reliance on grid electricity and exposure to increasing prices.

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You can stay engaged with the solar system's performance through SunShare reporting that tracks how much C02 is being kept out of the atmosphere.

Solar is now simple. Let's share the sun.

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